Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dancin' Miete

 In an attempt to stay sane and help Miete burn off some of the two thousand gigawatts of energy she produces daily, Lisa has entered her into dance classes. We both wondered how she would do as the last time we entered into a class it was way too structured and we immediately pulled her.

Every kind of class seems to exist for kids in this city. You want your kid to learn French Cuisine? There's a class for it. You want junior to scuba? Sign him up! We had scouted the classes before even moving down and we are happy to say they are working out nicely.

After the first trial class, which was free, we were directly to a store located not far from where we live but definitely in an area where we probably wouldn't normally stray. We were looking for Daniel's Warehouse on Adams Blvd. in order to find Miete some ballet slippers and tap shoes. The GPS served us well and we found it in the middle of a very Mexican neighbourhood in a pretty tough looking area of Los Angeles. We parked around the corner and entered the store.

"And how can I help you fiiiiiiine people?" sung the very flamboyant Daniel as we walked through the door. Daniel was the gay version of David Cross. Come to think of it, maybe David Cross is gay, doesn't know it and that's why he's so angry. In any case, he was very nice and directed us to the back of the chaotic warehouse where the shoes were kept while holding a conversation on his blue tooth headset which I  must say, made him resemble Janet Jackson.

The back of the warehouse was insane. Huge shelves with open boxes stacked all over them. Shoes were spilling out all over the place. Shoes of every kind. Leotards, dance tights, dresses and the much, much coveted UNITARD! Adam and I would have to come back here to get Unitards for Halloween.

We found here shoes with some help and when we paid for them I nearly crapped. $22.12 for two sets of shoes. Unheard of. Thank you Daniel.

Since then Miete has been tearing it up at dance class and Lisa was able to shoot some footage and I'm posting it here:

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