Friday, February 11, 2011

Funny Things My Kid Says.

Me: Miete, why don't we eat the red berries on this plant.
Miete: Because they can be poisonous.
Me: Did you know birds can eat them? Animals can eat things we can't and we can eat some things that animals can't. Chocolate is poisonous for dogs.
Miete: Just like Brussel Sprouts are poisonous to me.

Miete: Daddy where were you this morning?
Me: I was surfing.
Miete: Did you see whale poop in the water?

Miete (copying me): Ahhhhhh crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Hahahahah! I said crap.

Miete: Daddy, you tell Adam that I put some animals on my bed so he has someone to sleep with when he's here. We shopped for lots of toilet paper because Adam poops a lot.

Me: You can't go on that ride yet. Not till you're older and bigger.
Miete: Just like how I can drink coffee and beer when I'm older.

Miete (from the bathroom): Hey guys, I pooped and it looks like a mountain!

Miete: I have a bah-gina and Callum has a bah-gina.
Me: Callum's a boy sweety, he has a penis.
Miete: But you're a boy and you have a bah-gina.


  1. miete's right. he does have a bah-gina