Saturday, November 27, 2010

Edmundo, you let me down.

Edmundo. You renegged on your wheeling and dealing and thus are a dink-wad. Get on your burro and get he hell out of LA before I shot-put your ass back to Juarez.

I immediately went into action mode when Edmundo decided the chap from Wells Fargo bank was a better fit for the apartment. He actually still wanted me to rent it but at a higher price so he can eat his $2300/month asking price when that dude finds something else like I did. And Edmundo, I know I said I'd call you back and let you know either way but don't hold your breath amigo.

Within an hour I found another place. Though smaller it's nearly brand new and a two bedroom with a view of Los Angeles and Hollywood in the distance. You can actually see the Hollywood sign waaaaaaaaaaaaay in the distance if the smog isn't too bad. We don't have a personal deck but instead have a massive courtyard with wireless service and a communal rooftop deck open concept into the front room. There is a master with an ensuite and a second similar sized bedroom with another full bathroom. It's overall the nicest place I'll have lived in providing all goes smoothly with the rental agency. There's Starbucks, a post office, Vons grocery store and some other stuff within 100 yards and an easy 4 minute drive or 10 minute ride to work.

I'll be in the old Econo-lodge till probably Tuesday morning. My stay here can't end soon enough. As I told Adam, my master plan has worked. Stay in a place shitty enough to make you want to get out of it at every opportunity and you will more than likely find a place in record time. The picture below doesn't do it justice as all that grass has been covered in a new layer of thick manure. So while I love being greeted with a faceful shitastic sharticles when I walk out the door every morning I think I'll move on ASAP.

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